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Using Statistical Regression Methods in Education Research


Foundation Module Exercise

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Welcome to the first exercise! The following five questions can be worked through using the LSYPE 15,000 dataset . We recommend that you answer them in full sentences with supporting tables or graphs where appropriate – this will help when you come to report your own research. There is a link to the answers at the bottom of the page.

Note: The variable names as they appear in the SPSS dataset are listed in brackets.


Question 1

What percentage of students in the LSYPE dataset come from a household which has a home computer (computer)?

Use frequencies.


Question 2

Let’s say you are interested in the relationship between achievement in exams at age 16 and computer ownership. Create a graph which compares those who own a computer to those who do not (computer) with regard to their average age 16 exam score (ks4score).

Use a bar chart.


Question 3

Is the difference between the average age 16 exam scores (ks4score) for those who do and do not own a computer (computer) statistically significant?

Use a T-test.


Question 4

Let’s look at the relationship between social-economic class (secshort) and achievement in exams at age 16. Is there a difference between the three SEC groups (high, medium and low SEC) with regard to their average achievement in age 16 exams (ks4score)? If so which groups differ significantly?

Perform a oneway ANOVA with Scheffe post-hoc tests.


Question 5

Create an error bar graph which illustrates the difference between SEC groups (secshort) with regard to their average achievement in age 16 exams (ks4score).

Use an error bar chart.


When you are ready you can check your answers here!

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