Using Statistical Regression Methods in Education Research



Step 1: Access the SPSS Files

To open the files you will need a recent version of the SPSS/PASW software. We recommend you click SAVE when downloading a dataset so that you can use and edit your own copy. There are two files:

LSYPE 15,000 Dataset SPSS Icon

This is the main dataset which we will use for all of the examples and exercises on the site. It contains REAL anonymised data for 15,770 students and incorporates 57 variables. We encourage you to have a play with it, you never know it might inspire your own research!

MLR LSYPE 15,000 Dataset SPSS Icon

This is an adapted version of the dataset for use with Module 2: Multiple Linear Regression and Module 3: Multiple Logistic Regression. It contains all of the 'interaction terms' you will need to work through these modules which will save you the painful process of creating them yourself. Aren't we nice!?


Step 2: Work through our modules

We use our customised versions of the LSYPE for examples and exercises throughout the website. We heartily recommend you use them to follow us on our perilous journey through the world of regression analysis. You may even want to practice with the datasets on SPSS to get a really deep understanding...


Step 3: Register with the ESDS

Our teaching datasets are also hosted by the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) and are based on the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE). If you wish to access the full LSYPE dataset and a huge selection of other social science datasets you will need to register for an account with the ESDS. Note that it is only possible to access most of the data if you are working for a UK institution of higher or further education. This is because LSYPE and much of the data hosted by the ESDS should only be used for the purposes of academic teaching or research.

 ESDS To find out more about LSYPE, visit the ESDS LSYPE page.


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