About ReStore

The delivery of technology-enhanced learning is of increasing relevance to the training and development of researchers in the social sciences. Online resources not only provide a valuable personal development resource for researchers unable to participate in face-to-face training, but also provide an important repository of social science knowledge. There has been a considerable ESRC investment in online resources through initiatives such as the Research Methods Programme (RMP), the Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), Quantitative Methods Initiative (QMI) and the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM).


Who are we?

We are a multi-disciplinary team of social science researchers who maintain a collection of web resources created by ESRC funded projects in an online repository called the ReStore repository. In previous periods we also developed guidance and actively worked with ESRC award holders to promote best practice in online resource creation.  We are based at the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) hub at the University of Southampton.


What do we ReStore?

The ReStore project is no longer actively adding to its resource collection and has become a part of the National Centre for Research Methods. ESRC invests heavily in research methods projects which create, as part of their activities, online training and resource materials, often with considerable interactive or reference-value content. Typically, the development of an on-line resource is time-consuming and expensive and the full value of the resource only comes into play close to the point at which funding ends. To ensure that the resource remains available online for a considerable period of time, the ReStore team worked with the resource authors and prepared their resources for inclusion in ReStore.


What does a typical resource contain?

Web resources in the field of research methods typically contain web pages, workshop materials, tutorial materials, audio/video files, methodology papers and presentations sample datasets, etc. For more details please refer to our guidance materials.



Web resources for inclusion in ReStore were selected through academic and technical reviews, which ensure high quality and technical robustness of the resources. The review processes were developed by the ReStore team in consultation with the ReStore team in consultation with the ReStore Advisory Group.

The web resources selected for maintenance were transferred to a supported web architecture on the National Centre for Research methods (NCRM) server for ongoing support. When necessary, external service providers were commissioned to do the required work if the original resource author(s) and ReStore team were unable to update the content or technology.

Want to get in touch?

If you have questions about the ReStore project, you can email us at info@restore.ac.uk.