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About the resource: Using Statistical Regression Methods in Education Research


This website aims to teach statistical regression methods for use in educational and social research. We try to avoid going into the technical details to help you to learn these methods and to interpret your research findings using SPSS. If you're new to this website then why not view the introduction video or have a look at the information about using the site? Alternatively you could plunge straight in to our Foundation Module. The site is primarily for researchers and students in the field of Education who have limited experience in quantitative research methods and wish to expand their expertise without having to grapple with abstract examples and formulae.


  • Prof. Steve Strand Steve, Professor of Education, University of Warwick.
  • Dr. Stuart Cadwallader, Research Fellow, University of Warwick
  • Prof David Firth, Professor of Statistics, University of Warwick.

Original Project

This resource is one outcome from the Lancaster Warwick Stirling Node, a part of the Phase two of NCRM (2008-11).



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