ReStored Web Resources

List of web resources

ReStore team are continuously exploring other potential web resources for the possibility of restoring them. New resources are added to this list as and when a web resource is fully restored into the ReStore repository.


Selection of resources

Every web resource that is considered for sustaining within the ReStore service will have to go through academic and technical reviews. These reviews are designed to make sure that the web resource is high quality and technically robust.

The resources that are selected for maintenance are transferred to a supported web architecture on the National Centre for Research Methods server for ongoing support. If necessary, external service providers will be commissioned to do the required work if the original resource author(s) and ReStore team are unable to update the content or technology. All resources within the ReStore service are subject to further update reviews by regular intervals to ensure the sustained nature of the resources.

Currently ReStore only accepts web resources from ESRC funded Research Methods Programme (RMP), Researcher Development Initiative (RDI), Quantitative Methods Initiative (QMI) and National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) initiatives. The ReStore team is, however, interested to hear about other potential resources for inclusion.


Core criteria

  • Projects in which the sustained online resources have been created must have ceased funding.
  • All online resources that are to be sustained within the ReStore project will be transferred to NCRM server in the University of Southampton.
  • IPR policies must enable the portability of the service in case NCRM will pass the maintenance of the service to some other party in future.
  • Intellectual property generated within the ReStore project will be protected to flow to the University of Southampton.

Suggest your resource for ReStoration

If your ESRC project is creating an online resource and you are considering sustianing the resource beyond the projected end date, please get in touch with NCRM External Relations & Resources Officer.