Using Statistical Regression Methods in Education Research


Module 1 - A Foundation in Statisitcs


  1. Understand some of the core terminology of statistics
  2. Understand the relationship between populations and samples in educational research
  3. Understand the basic operation of SPSS
  4. Understand the descriptive statistics and how to generate them using SPSS
  5. Know how to graphically display data using SPSS
  6. Know how to transform and compute variables using SPSS
  7. Understand the basics of the normal distribution, probability and statistical inference
  8. Know how to compare group means

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Start Module 1: Foundation

A brief introduction to some basic statisitical techniques using SPSS. 
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You can jump to specific pages using the contents list below. If you are new to this module start at the Overview (Page 1.1) and work through section by section using the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons at the top and bottom of each page. Do the Exercise and the Quiz to gain a firm understanding.

This Module is also available as a downloadable PDF for those of you who prefer to read from a page. You do miss out on the glossary and some of the site's more interactive features though... Module 1: Foundation (PDF Document) 


1.1 Overview: For those of you new to statistics...

1.2 Population and Sampling

1.3 Quantitative Research

1.4 SPSS: An Introduction

1.5 SPSS: Graphing Data

1.6 SPSS: Tabulating Data

1.7 SPSS: Creating and Manipulating Variables

1.8 The Normal Distribution

1.9 Probability and Inferential Stats

1.10 Comparing Means



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