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Using Statistical Regression Methods in Education Research


Logistic Regression Module Quiz B

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Welcome to the main Logistic Regression Module quiz. We will try to hurt your poor brain with a set of 11 questions. Actually, it is not so bad… Click VIEW FEEDBACK when you’re ready to see the answers. When you want to move on just click EXIT QUIZ. Enjoy!
1. Assuming a continuous explanatory variable on the x-axis and a binary proportion on the y-axis, which of the two curves would be most likely to reflect the relationship?

2. Match the statistical term with the definition.
Definition Nagelkerke R-squaredWald Exp(B) -2LL
The odds ratio - tells us how more or less likely an outcome is to occur when there is a unit change in the associated explanatory variable.
The model 'deviance' - the lower this value is the better your model is at predicting the binary outcome.
A statistic used for judging whether or not a given explanatory variable is substantially contributing to the overall model.
A psuedo r-squared statistic for estimating the proportion of variance explained by a logistic regression model.

3. What does the log-likelihood represent?

4. The following table of coefficients is the output of a logistic regression analysis which explores the factors underlying whether or not a student is deemed eligible for free school meals:

How many explanatory variables are included in this model?

6. It is approximately 8 times more likely that someone from the baseline SEC category ‘Routine, semi-routine or unemployed’ will be eligible for free school meals than someone from the category ‘Managerial & professional’. True or false (using the same table as before)?

7. Below is a classification plot:

Please tick the boxes for all statements which are true.

8. The model was adjusted to explore a possible interaction between SEC and single parent family. The following output was generated:

Is the interaction effect statistically significant?

9. The line graph below shows the mean proportion of pupils eligible for free school meal (FSM) separately by maternal education and SEC.

Please tick all statements which are true.

10. The following output related to how well the ‘free school meals’ model fits the data (how accurately it classifies cases)

Please tick all statements that apply.

11. When might the assumption of ‘Independent Errors’ be at particular risk of being violated?

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