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Geo-Refer logo Geographical Referencing: A Practical Workshop

Geo-Referencing / SASPAC Exercises

Below is a list of exercises related to the London Borough of Newham for you to work through. They involve acquiring, linking and mapping a range of social science datasets. Please note that some of the sites and services are restricted to subscribed users. For the purposes of this workshop, we have prepared all the data in a zip archive called .zip. Click [here] to download the file.

Download the zip archive to a local working folder. You will need to unzip all its content before attempting any of the exercises listed below.

Our objective through these exercises is to link and map the school performance data in relation to various area codes and datasets.  The sequence of operations outlined here demonstrates many of the frequently-needed tasks when working with geographically-referenced data.

1. Geo-Referencing Primary School Data

> Getting grid coordinates from postcodes using Microsoft® Access™

2. Linking and Aggregating Postcoded Data to a Higher Geography

> Linking and aggregating postcoded data to Output Areas (OAs) using a user-created postcode directory in Microsoft® Access™

3. Mapping Deprivation Data in SASPAC and MapShore

> Retrieving ID2007 in SASPAC and mapping IMD ranking using MapShore

4. Aggregating Data from Lower to Higher Levels of Geography

> Converting the school performance data into a SASPAC system file
> Aggregating school data to LSOA using gazetteer files in SASPAC

5. Mapping School Locations and Performance Data

> Mapping school locations in Newham using MapShore

6. Linking and Mapping School Performance and Deprivation Data

> Linking school performance data with IMD data in Newham using Microsoft® Access™ and mapping the results in MapShore

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ArcGIS® is a registered trademark of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI). Access™ is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. The Small Area Statistics Package (SASPAC) software is owned by the Improvement and Development Agency for Local Government (IDeA) and MapShore is a registered trademark of Pebbleshore Ltd.