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Glossary of Georeferencing Terms


Noun: A data item that allows information to be linked to a specific geographical location.
Verb: To provide such a link.


In the UK, postcode is an alphanumeric code that relates to a small number of postal delivery locations. More generally, any structured coding system used for the sorting and delivery of mail.

Grid reference

A set of coordinates which define a point location relative to a coordinate system in geographical space, typically a pair of values (for example latitude and longitude or easting and northing) but sometimes three (where the third dimension provides an elevation value).

Geographical Information System

A software tool that allows the management, mapping and analysis of information using its geographical location.

Digital boundary data

The set of computer-readable grid references necessary to describe the boundaries of geographical areas.

Spatial data linkage

The association of two or more items of information through a common geographical location.

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