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This project has been taken over by ReStore:A Sustainable Web Resources Repository, an ESRC project aimed at the preservation and maintenance of web resources, funded by ESRC.

Project Name:GEOgraphical REFERencing resources for social scientists

Current Address
ReStore Project, National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM)
Murray Building 58, School of Social Sciences
University of Southampton
Highfield, , Southampton
SO17 1BJ
Contact email: info@ncrm.ac.uk

Dave Martin

Email: D.J.Martin@soton.ac.uk

Dave is a Professor of Geography at the University of Southampton. His personal pages at http://www.geog.soton.ac.uk/users/martindj/ describe his research interests and publications, which derive from 20 years working with social science applications of geographical information systems. He is director of the ESRC/JISC Census Programme and a co-director of the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods.

Samantha Cockings

Email: S.Cockings@soton.ac.uk

A lecturer in Geography at the University of Southampton, Samantha has extensive experience in teaching geographical information systems and in research particularly with geographically referenced health data.

Samuel Leung

Email: Y.Leung@soton.ac.uk