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Foundation Resources

These resources provide an excellent introduction to quantitative research methods.



Muijs, D. (2004). Doing quantitative research in education with SPSS. London: Sage publications.

This book offers a great introduction to quantitative methods and SPSS/PASW. It is an excellent text for the beginner as it eases the reader in to the key concepts while maintaining a practical edge. Chapters 8 and 9 in particular offer a good overview of some of the key concepts.



Concepts and applications of inferential statistics

This is an excellent resource, a free, full-length, and occasionally interactive statistics textbook “Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics” written by Richard Lowry at Vassar College, US.


General Quantitative Research Methods Resources

These resources are good general guides to quantitative research methods, statistics and/or SPSS.



Field, A. (2009) Discovering statistics using SPSS (3rd ed.). Sage: London.

If you have to buy one book about statistics we highly recommend this. It is thoroughly comprehensive with regard to both the theory underlying statistical procedures and the practicalities of performing them on SPSS/PASW. It is well-written and humorous! Arguably it is worth reading the whole book but the chapters on correlation (chapter 6), regression (chapter 7) and logistic regression (chapter 8) are more specific to the content of this website.

The author, Andy Field, also has a very entertaining and useful website called Statistics Hell. Though it may look like you're about to accidentally join a cult don't worry - that's just the author's sense of humour (at least we hope so...). There are some handouts and videos which cover the pre-requisite for this site and some very useful resources to help you with regression.


Pallant, J. (2007). SPSS survival manual: a step by step guide to data analysis using SPSS for Windows (Third Edition). Maidenhead: Open University Press.

This is a great resource for the pragmatists among you! It is relatively light on theory but an excellent manual for performing analyses on SPSS/PASW and interpreting the output.


Argyrous, G. (2005). Statistics for research: with a guide to SPSS (Second Edition). London: Sage.

Chapters 12 (Correlation & regression) & 13 (multiple regression) are an excellent pair of chapters, not overly technical but not overly superficial either.


Kinnear, P. & Gray, C. (2006). SPSS 14 made simple. Hove: Psychology Press.

Chapter 11 (association) and 12 (regression) are detailed and comprehensive.



Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) analysis guides

This page links to a number of very useful PDF files which explain a number of procedures. If you are a beginner the 'Using SPSS for Windows' file is highly recommended. A comprehensive (if slightly dated) guide to the programme that is written in plain English rather than that weird technical language that IT specialists delight in baffling us mere mortals with!


Online Statistics: An interactive multimedia course of study

Another excellent free site. Very comprehensive and uses multimedia and online demonstrations and simulations to clearly illustrate difficult concepts. Includes small self test exercises which are valuable.


Regression Resources

These resources have a particular emphasis on regression analysis.


Fox, J. (2008). Applied regression analysis and generalised linear models (2nd ed.). Sage: London.

Those of you who are more comfortable with formulae will find this book to be a comprehensive introduction to regression.


Pampel, F. (2000). Logistic regression: A primer. Thousand Oaks: Sage publications.

An excellent introduction giving detailed explanation of the concepts involved in logistic regression can be found in Pampel (2000). This small book is the best resource if you really want to understand all the fundamentals of logistic regression. It has an excellent Appendix on logarithms which is the best explanation I have seen.


Milers & Shevlin (2000). Applying regression and correlation. London: Sage publications.

This provides a very specific guide for applying regression methods.



Logistic Regression Guide (USF)

There is an excellent webpage from Michael Brannick at the University of South Florida (USF).


Logistic Regression Module (Master of applied Statistics)

Another good site is that by Larsen (2008) which has a module on logistic regression from a Masters in Applied Statistics.


Extension Resources

For those of you left wanting more... these resources will help you to develop some relevant advanced skills which are beyond the scope of this website.



LEMMA: Multilevel Modelling online course

This is an excellent online resource if you want to learn about multi-level modelling. LEMMA starts from the beginning so do not be perturbed if you are new to multilevel modelling. The site provides a good set of online modules, resources and exercises.



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