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Using Statistical Regression Methods in Education Research


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Our Funders

National Centre for Research Methods

This website is part of a larger Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) project to improve research methods. Worth checking out if you want to continue to develop your skills!


ReStore - A Sustainable Web Resources Repository

ReStore provides a home for this website and many others like it when they are completed. A great place to look if you wish to learn other research skills through online resources.


Secondary Data

Longitudinal Study of Young People in England

This is the study from which most of the examples and teaching data on this site are drawn. Visit the website to find out more!


Economic and Social Data Service

A great source of data for researchers! Providing you can prove your affiliation to a university most of it is free to access. The LSYPE data is hosted here.


Office for National Statistics - Socio-economic Classification

This page tells you all about the classification system for socio-economic class. It also shows you how to break the 8 socio-economic class groups down further into 5 or 3 broader groups: NS-SEC classes and collapses.



The images, charts and tables on this site are generally created on SPSS/PASW and Microsoft Word.

However some were also taken from or adapted from the following sources:

Microsoft ClipArt site


These sources generally allow users to use their images uncredited and we thank them for this!




The wonderfully named G-power is a free to download piece of software designed for power analysis. It can help you to calculate the size of the sample you will need to detect certain statistical associations of effects. Very useful if you are designing your own study!


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