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Exploring online research methods - Incorporating TRI-ORM

Online questionnaires: Module aims and learning outcomes


  1. To discuss the appropriate use of online questionnaires;
  2. To outline the advantages and disadvantages of online questionnaires compared to onsite questionnaires;
  3. To consider different types of online questionnaires, including email surveys, web-based surveys and questionnaires attached to email;
  4. To explore sampling issues arising from the use of online questionnaires, including recruitment, identity verification, response rates and incentives;
  5. To introduce key design issues with respect to online questionnaires, including length, text format and question type;
  6. To discuss issues relating to the evaluation of online questionnaires;
  7. To describe key terms, definitions and terminology in relation to online questionnaires;
  8. To provide links to additional resources, frequently asked questions and print versions.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the type of research projects where the use of online questionnaires is an appropriate method;
  2. Evaluate the usefulness of online questionnaires compared to onsite questionnaires;
  3. Devise an online questionnaire, bearing in mind issues of type, sampling, design and evaluation;
  4. Use the correct terminology when communicating about online questionnaires;
  5. Collect information about sources of help when using online questionnaires.
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