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About the resource: TRI-ORM:Exploring Online Research Methods


The aim of the web resource is to provide an online training resource for researchers who are interested in using online research methods such as online questionnaires and online interviews. The website is targeted at a wide audience including researchers and postgraduates in the HE sector, and researchers working for other organisations such as those involved with public policy and market research.


TRI-ORM (Exploring Online Research Methods) web resource provides training for researchers in online research methods (ORMs). The project was designed to meet the training needs of researchers at all stages of their careers and with a variety of levels of knowledge of online research. The project was very successful and outperformed all original estimates of the number of researchers to be trained. It comprised three strands: face-to-face workshops, an advanced course taught at Masters level and delivered online and enhancement of an existing website, providing new resources for learners and further support for tutors as well as establishing a blog and online professional networking site.


Original Project

The Training Researchers in Online Research Methods (TRI-ORM) project was funded as part of the ESRC Researcher Development Initiative (RDI) and capitalised on an existing on-line training package. It significantly expanded the provision of advanced training to promote the careful and critical uptake, and further sophisticated use, of on-line research methods. A nationwide virtual network of researchers was established, some of whom train others to use these innovative methods.



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