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GeoConvert is an online geography matching and conversion tool hosted by Mimas at the University of Manchester and currently only available for users in UK academic institutions. GeoConvert allows registered users to obtain and manipulate complex geographical and postcode data in a straightforward way. The tool is based on the information provided in the National Statistics Postcode Directory (NSPD) and contains updated versions of the directory from May 2006.

The main functions of GeoConvert allow users to

  • Obtain postcode metadata (deprivation scores, grid reference co-ordinates, urban/rural indicators, area classifications etc.)
  • Obtain details of the geographical relationship (intersections/matches) between zones in different geographies
  • Re-sample (convert) data from one geography to another

Users who are unable to access GeoConvert will generally be able to achieve the same results by using local copies of the NSPD files loaded in suitable database software such as Microsoft Access but GeoConvert offers the key data linkage and extraction functions without requiring any familiarity with databases. Users are able to upload their own files containing geographical reference codes and download files with extra fields appended to their own data. Users who wish to use versions of the NSPD dating from before May 2006 (also known as the All Fields Postcode Directory, Central Postcode Directory or Postzon file) will need to obtain copies of the directories and load them into a local database.

Additional Resources

The GeoConvert help system includes examples of each of the principal functions and documentation for the NSPD files [http://geoconvert.mimas.ac.uk/help/tutorials.html]

The homepage of the GeoConvert service [http://geoconvert.mimas.ac.uk/]