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CAQDAS Comparison

CAQDAS Comparison

Most contemporary CAQDAS with the exception of HyperRESEARCH, which is indigenous to the Apple Mac-OS, but also features a Windows version, and TAMS, which can only be used with Mac-OS and Linux, are built for Microsoft's Windows platform. Below table overviews the basic technical features of the programs.

ATLAS.ti €390 5.0 RC2 Windows English German
E6 (formerly ETHNOGRAPH) $200 5 (Demo Version) Windows English
HyperRESEARCH $370 2.6 Mas-OS Windows English
Kwalitan €315 5.0 Windows Dutch/Flemish English1
MAXqda (formerly winMAX) €340/£255/$445 2k3 Windows German English Spanish
QSR N6 (formerly NUD*IST) £205/$340 (2003) 6.0 Windows English
QSR NVivo £270/$445 (2003) 2.0 Windows English
QDA Miner $295 1.0 Windows English
Qualrus $399 Windows English
TAMS freeware 2.50b5 Mas-OS Linux/Unix English
Weft QDA freeware Windows English
Non-CAQDAS benchmark programs
InfoRapid Search&Replace/Cardfile freeware 3.1e Windows German English
Transana freeware 1.22 Windows English

  1. For a few menu items and error messages. the English translation is missing.
  2. Preview Release.

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