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CAQDAS Comparison

CAQDAS Comparison / Idiosyncrasies

Even though most CAQDAS perform similar tasks, still every CAQDAS features some idiosyncrasies.

The most common peculiarity is probably the technical terminology each CAQDAS uses. For instance, the database, which holds (or links to) all files that belong to a particular project is called "project" in most programs, but the developers of ATLAS.ti insist on the label "hermeneutic unit," while HyperRESEARCH uses the term "study." Similarly, NVivo and N6 speak metaphorically of "nodes," where the mainstream of CAQDAS developers have opted for "codes."

Beyond these purely semantic differences and the different capabilities of the different programs in areas of multimedia and integration of statistical methodology, two programs offer particular functions, no other CAQDAS offer:

  1. Note, that this is an inductions approach, which is heavily contested among social scientists.

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