About this Resource
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photo of presentation

The P|E|A|S project held a series of workshops to evaluate this resource and to ensure its usability.

Slides from the workshops are available here along with other presentations about or connected to the P|E|A|S project

Authors are

SP - Susan Purdon
GR - Gillian Raab
KB - Kathy Buckner

Workshop presentations (powerpoint)

- slides - 1: Background to P|E|A|S project (GR)
- slides - 2: How survey design affects analysis (SP)
- slides - 3: Some non-response ideas (GR)
- slides - 4: Non-response weighting at NatCen/ScotCen - a brief (and biased) history (SP)

Presentation to research methods workshop (December 04)(powerpoint)

- slides Disclosure problems with design information for surveys (GR)

Presentation to Scottish Executive staff (powerpoint)

- slides Confidence intervals and design effects for surveys (GR)
- slides Non-response and what to do about it (GR)

Evaluation report

- Word version of report

peas project 2004/2005/2006