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About the resource: P|E|A|S Practical Exemplars on the Analysis of Surveys


The Web resource takes the survey analyst through exemplars of the use of different methods that are currently available for the analysis of complex surveys. It also containes materials from a series of workshops held during the project tenure aimed at researchers analysing survey data. The participants used the draft training material to carry out analyses of selected data sets. The workshops were integral to the development of the web resource. The materials aim to who social researchers:


People who originated and developed this resource were based in Napier University, Edinburgh. The original authors of this resource were Gillian Raab, Kathy Buckner, Susan Purdon and Iona Waterston at the Faculty of Health, Life & Social Sciences>, Edinburgh Napier University.

Original Project

The original project was funded as part of the ESRC Research Methods Programme.



This resource was included in ReStore on 2012-05-29 and updated on 2012-06-01

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