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Dear Participant,

Thank-you for agreeing to participate within this research project on understanding your use of eBay. All information subsequently used from this questionnaire will be anonymous. The brief questionnaire should only take 5-10 minutes to complete, please read the questions carefully and indicate your response before pressing the submit button. If you would like more details before you complete the survey, or wish to participate further please email us...

Many thanks

Participant Details

Q1.  Gender

Male Female

Q2.  Age

Q3.  Current Employment Status

Q4.  Previous Employment Experience    

Q5.  Nature of Work i.e. Mechanic, Doctor

Q6.  Where do you have PC access?

Q7. In which region do you live?


Your use of eBay

Q8.   eBay username (optional)

Q9.   How often do you access www.ebay.co.uk?

Q10.   Where are you when accessing www.ebay.co.uk?

Q11.  Do you mainly buy or sell      Buy  Sell  Both equal  Neither

Q12.  Type of use  (Tick all that apply)

Personal Buying (i.e. buying for yourself and gifts) Personal Selling (i.e. one-off sales of private property)         Business Buying (i.e. buying for company or commercial use) Business Selling (i.e. selling for profitable gains)

Q13.  Amount of money generated by selling items on eBay in the last 30 days     **available on My eBay**

Q14.  Compared to 12 months ago is this figure...

Q15. In what way do you consider your income from eBay?

Q16. How many items have you listed on eBay in the past 30 days

Q17.  Do you have an alternative sales outlets for your products (Tick All That Apply)

     Shop  Website  Other Online Auction  Car-boot Sale Privately Advertised (e.g. Local Paper or Post Office)  Other

Q18. In relation to your last 5 items sold, please complete the following table (Select boxes repeated five times).

eBay category

How did you  obtain the item?

Type of Sale

Why did you initially obtain the item?


Why are you selling?


Prof C.Williams
Management Centre
University of Leicester
University Road
LE1 7RH,
United Kingdom

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