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Free, Family-Friendly, Fun: FAST

Now Celebrating Our 11 Year Anniversary: 1994-2005

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Winter 2004:
Participate! Two research projects you can help with in only a few minutes of your time
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Good Things About Having Food Allergies
#17: You now have a knowledge that you are special and unique.

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FAST is here for you because food allergies are more than a condition. They affect your family, friends, and lifestyle. We are in this together, and together we can make living with food allergies a little easier.

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Food Allergy Survivors Together Handbook is now available! "I have read the FAST book from cover to cover and am so pleased I came across it. I was so overwhelmed to read of others' experiences so relative to my own that I actually cried. Somehow I kind of feel normal again, strange but true. I am going to use many of the tips given that will hopefully make some areas much easier for me from now on" (Nandy). Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and bookstores around the globe! (Please note that these are not paid links.) Click here for more information.


breaking news...As of 2006, the information on this site pertaining to hidden food allergens in US foods will be