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Managing Research Projects

Managing Research Projects

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Minutes of MRP Project Full TEAM Meetings

  • 22nd June 2007 (word (Word Document))
  • 21st February 2007 (word (Word Document))
  • 7th November 2006 (word (Word Document))
  • 10th June 2006 (word (Word Document))

Minutes of MRP Project Learning and Development Centre Meetings

  • 31st October 2007 (word (Word Document))
  • 14th August 2007 (word (Word Document))
  • 20th June 2007 (word (Word Document))

MRP Interim Evaluation Report

  • 7th November 2007 (word (Word Document))

Application Form for Researcher Development Initiative

  • Submitted April 2005 (word (Word Document))