About this Resource
Getting inside the mind of an expert management researcher
Your learning through the two-way process of academic discourse
Who do we think you are?
Who do you think your audience is?
What’s distinctive about researching management?
Induction into a western tradition of academic scholarship
What’s your ‘academic comfort zone’, and how could you expand it?
Official expectations that you will develop your critical frame of mind
Expectations check-up
How well does your work match-up to your assessors’ expectations?
Are you a more critical thinker than you realise?
Experiences of thinking critically in your academic work
Helping yourself learn to think like an expert management researcher
Comparing lists of Dos and Don’ts
Maximising your learning by linking critical reading with self-critical writing
Introductory activities

You may find it valuable to work through the learning activities in this section first. It will introduce you to the core idea of following the logic of enquiry that is at the heart of thinking like an expert management researcher.

Adopting this strategy will also help you to put the general notion of following the logic of enquiry into a more specific management context. It is important to understand that management is a distinctive field of study, whose characteristics affect the way the logic of enquiry is followed. In higher education systems following a western tradition of academic scholarship, you will be expected to develop a constructively critical approach in your management studies.

Self-assessment exercises will help you to get a sense of how far you are already promoting your own learning to think like an expert management researcher, and how you can maximise your learning opportunities as you go along.