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Hohmann Speech

The Hohmann Speech

These are a series of papers that look at an instance of the resurging anti-Semitism in Europe. Using frame analysis, webfori data on the debate about the so-called "Hohmann speech" are analyzed. The examined discussions refer to the ejection of a German MP from the parliamentary wing of the main conservative party because of a speech, in which he hypothetically argued that Jews might be called a "nation of perpetrators."

On Frames and Framing: Anti-Semitism as Free Speech

Paper presented to Session PCR13 (Methods, Research, Concepts) at the IAMCR Annual Meeting, Porto Alegre, Brazil, July 25-30, 2004

The focus of the paper is on the methodological identification of frames. Initially, frames were interpretatively identified in a small number of texts with three pervasive metanarratives ("liberal individualism", "ethno-nationalism", and "harmony with nature") in mind. Keywords that flagged frames in the texts were then distilled. These keywords were subsequently used to code further texts using auto coding procedures from computer-aided qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS). In a final step the identified frames were validated using latent class analysis.

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Frames & CAQDAS

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