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Frequently Asked Questions

Since both project and the website you are looking it are brand new, there have not been any questions from you yet (if you would like to submit a question, please contact us!). Meanwhile, we will present here a couple of questions, which may be of interest to you.

Is your work more quantitatively or qualitatively oriented?

Yes, you guessed right. Like many scholars these days, we also do not believe that the distinction between qualitative and quantitative methods is a useful one. Instead, we try to distinguish between good and bad, i.e. adequate and inadequate methods, although each of the project members clearly has skills that could indeed be characterized as being more quantitative or qualitative. So, beyond these commonplaces, you will have to check our research, if you want to decide how our work might be useful for you.

Which software should I use to analyze my data

It depends on the type of analysis you want to undertake. Always first decide on your theoretical approach and its corresponding methodology, and then look, which, if any of the avalaible software suits your needs.

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