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This web resource was developed to increase awareness and knowledge concerning trial-based designs (such as randomised controlled trials) for use in evaluating social and policy interventions, with a specific focus on the North East of England and surrounding areas. The project team assisted students, new and established researchers, practitioners, consultancy and commercial enterprises, government departments and NGOs in the design, conduct, analysis, reporting and critique of their own trials. The policy areas covered by participants included criminal justice, housing, demography, health promotion, education, sociology, psychology, economics, linguistics, policy studies, women's studies, nursing, social work, information systems, food safety, and politics. The team also raised debates about the feasibility of trial methods for policy evaluation, created sustainable resources for those wishing to learn about or conduct trials, and linked up with international expertise and developments.

The archived materials are primarily presentations slides from project events (see Archived Documents link).


Original Project

These materials were created as part of the original project Training in Pragmatic Social Interventions: Problems, Promises and Protocols, funded as part of the ESRC Researcher Development Initiative.

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