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This project extended researcher training beyond the customary scope of doctoral and early career support, to encompass the advanced, expert thinking that experienced researchers engage in. The training targeted the needs of mid-career researchers who have already accrued experience but might not have a clear strategy for advancing towards expertise. It offered insights about how to raise their game in pursuit of large research grants, high quality publications, and, in particular, the development of the mindset that facilitates interdisciplinary investigations of major questions with high social impact.

The web resource was aimed at helping senior academics, acting as trainers, to meet this challenge. The key documents, including the training resource booklet have been retained in the NCRM Eprints archive (see Archived Documents link).


Original Project

The original work was undertaken as part of the Enhancing Expert Thinking and Problem-Solving: the Development of Insight and Perspective in Theory and Practice project, funded as part of the ESRC Researcher Development Initiative (RDI). The training materials were developed from information gathered from expert social science researchers. They were trialled and deployed in six training workshops, and publicised at a final dissemination conference.

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