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Inventing Adulthoods was a qualitative longitudinal study of over 100 young people growing up through their teens, twenties and early thirties at the turn of the 21st century.The rich biographical material generated in up to seven interviews with each participant provides a unique window on most aspects of growing up during a period of rapid social change between 1996 – 2006 in England and 1996 - 2010 in Northern Ireland. Participants were drawn from five socially and economically contrasting areas of England and Northern Ireland and this gives important insight into the role played by where young people live in determining the resources they are able to draw on to shape their lives and pathways in post-modern times This web resource was the public face of the archive. It gave you the opportunity to: Take a detailed look at all aspects of the study See what's in the archive and get a taste of the anonymised biographical data included Find out how we went about archiving the study and the challenges involved See publications the study has generated Meet the research team Read about what it was like being involved in the research, Sample the films we helped make of five young prople from the study Stay in touch if you were part of the study.

The anonymised digital interview transcripts for 50 participants are available on application to Qualidata at the UK Data Archive or the Timescapes Repository at the University of Leeds, along with non-digital copies of questionnaires and other written assignments that formed part of the study. Unanonymised audio versions of the archived data will be released by Qualidata in 2058.


Original Project

The study consisted of three separately funded studies by the ESRC: Awards L129251020; L134251008, M570255001 and a further award, RES-346-25-3014, for archiving the datasets. Further details of the study can be found on the UK Data Service and Timescapes websites, as above.

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