Longitudinal Data Analysis
Social Science Researchers

Welcome to the website of the 'Longitudinal Data Analysis for Social Science Researchers' project which is funded under the ESRC Researcher Development Initiative.

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The materials are targeted as an introductory learning resource for social science researchers. They concentrate upon practical illustrations of the data management and data analysis techniques necessary to undertake quantitative longitudinal analysis with large scale secondary survey resources. Most examples concern the analysis of longitudinal micro-social surveys from the UK - in particular, the BHPS. The materials are a direct development from a previous ESRC Research Methods Programme Phase II training project, which ran 2005-6.

Most of this project's training resources may be accessed by following the links to the left. The 'online materials' link leads to a description of the resources available.


Project abstract

Longitudinal data are important for many social science disciplines as such data facilitates the investigation of empirical research questions relating to social change and social stability. Such investigations are not possible with cross-sectional data. At the current time there is a shortage of social scientists with skills appropriate for longitudinal data analysis. In the UK there is an increasing number of large-scale quantitative longitudinal datasets, and currently most remain under-analysed.

This project is delivered through collaboration between the Universities of Stirling, St Andrews and Strathclyde. The project will deliver a one day introductory seminar and a five day workshop / seminar each year (for three years). The project will also further develop existing on-line training resources and provide support for researchers. This project is funded under the Researcher Development Initiative.


On-line Information

The on-line provision involves the continued enhancement and support of a depository of learning materials  which were originally developed under the ESRC Research Methods Programme Phase II. These consist principally of pedagogical materials (e.g. slides, texts, presentations, annotated reading lists), and software and data analysis examples. The majority of online training materials associated with the project are available through links from the 'online materials' page.

Researcher Support

The project incorporates on-line researcher support.

It also incorporates a small ‘Researcher Link Scheme’ associated with the Stirling hub of this project. This will provide, when appropriate, financial support for researchers to allow them to make residential visits to Stirling to work with project members on their data requirements.



Our programme of workshops and seminars ran between 2006 and 2008 and no further events will be run as the project has now come to an end.

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