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This website comprised a databank of International Social Research Methods Case Studies developed and tested in a series of training workshops in international social research methods. The case studies took readers through the stages of planning, designing and implementing international research projects in the social sciences. The site also contained the Framework for International Social Research Methods Case Studies, as well as Information about the submission of Case Studies, and a guide to further reading on international social research methods.


Original Project

The Social Research Association designed the International Social Research Training Project in partnership with the London School of Economics and two expert consultants (Julia Brannen and Linda Hantrais). It was funded under the ESRC Researcher Development Initiative (RDI). The Project aimed to develop the capacity of researchers from different national backgrounds to explore social phenomena in more than one socio-cultural setting, and to carry out systematic comparisons across different societies, countries or cultures using the same research tools. The suite of training activities comprised a launch event scheduled for May 2010, followed by a training course consisting of four workshops.

Classifications and related publications


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