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Longitudinal data are important for many social science disciplines as such data facilitates the investigation of empirical research questions relating to social change and social stability. Such investigations are not possible with cross-sectional data. At the current time there is a shortage of social scientists with skills appropriate for longitudinal data analysis. In the UK there is an increasing number of large-scale quantitative longitudinal datasets, and currently most remain under-analysed.


The overarching aim of this resource is to provide practical illustrations of data management and data analysis techniques that are necessary to understand how to undertake quantitative longitudinal analysis of large scale secondary survey results.


Principal Investigator: Professor Vernon Gayle, University of Stirling Co-Investigators: Professor David Bell, University of Stirling, Simon Booth, University of Stirling. In addition to them, others who actively particpated in the project included: Professor Paul Boyle, University of St Andrews, Professor Jochen Clasen, University of Edingburgh, Professor John Field, University of Stirling, Professor Robin Flowerdew, University of St Andrews, Dr Paul Lambert, University of Stirling, Professor Robert Wright, University of Strathclyde  

Original Project

This was a collaborative project between the Universities of Stirling, St Andrews and Strathclyde. The project delivered a one day introductory seminar and a five day workshop seminar each year for three years, and also further developed existing on-line training resources. The introductory seminar was designed for social researchers and post-graduate students who were new to the area of longitudinal data, and whose interests were substantive rather than methodological. The workshop seminar focused on longitudinal data analysis using large scale secondary surveys, developing researchers’ basic skills and competence with longitudinal data. Participants were introduced to different sources of longitudinal data and various approaches to their analysis. The British Household Panel Survey and other social science based examples of data were employed throughout the workshop.

Quick Summary

Much of the material contained within this resource emanates from workshops that were run as part of the original project, They include presentation slides and handouts; lab sessions (exercises with guides) and data.  


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