This is the archive of the work presented at the NCRM Seminar Series on Archiving and Reusing Qualitative Data. Please note that this archive includes drafts of papers, abstracts of papers, and PowerPoint presentations.

Seminar 1: The Ontology of the Archive, 25 April 2008, Manchester Museum

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Seminar 2: Ethics and Archives, 19 September 2008, University of Essex

Seminar 3: Methods and Archives, 10 November 2008, University of Sussex

Seminar 4: The Epistemology of the Archive, 11 November 2008, Pelham House Hotel, Lewes

Conference: Archives 2.0: Shifting Dialogues between Users and Archivists 19-20 March 2009, Manchester Marriott Victoria & Albert Hotel

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Publications arising from the Conference

Till Geiger, Niamh Moore, Mike Savage - Review paper of conference<PDF Document>

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