Tutorial materials

Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)

Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling using Mplus. Simple and advanced methods including measurement models, path analysis, and full structural models with continuous and categorical variables.


The tutorial materials below can be used for learning concepts of SEM. We recommend this course for those wishing to make a start with SEM; or advance their knowledge of SEM with categorical variables; or learn how to model in Mplus.

Session 1. Regression in the SEM framework; logit and probit. Download slides here.

Session 2. Confirmatory and Exploratory Factor Analysis; continuous and categorical variables. Download slides here.


Session 3. Path analysis; continuous and categorical variables. Download slides here


All lectures are supported by practical exercises. Data for the exercises and software scripts can be downloaded here. Full instructions for the practical exercises are here.


Short reference slides for Mplus can be downloaded here.