Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ReStore?

ReStore is an online resources repository managed by the ESRC National Centre for Research methods (NCRM) hub at the University of Southampton. From 2007-2014, ReStore was separately funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), although still closely associated with NCRM.


What does ReStore do?

ReStore is a repository of online learning resources produced by a wide range of ESRC-funded awards. It contains two types of online material - those created by numerous past awards which were collected together under the ESRC ReStore awards and those that are now being commissioned and added directly as part of NCRM (from October 2014). The choice of new material will be directly driven by the Centre's training and capacity building strategy in response to periodic training needs assessments. To ensure the sustained nature of the resources, all resources within the ReStore repository will continue to be subject to further update and review.


What is an online resource?

An online resource in the field of research methods typically contains web pages, workshop materials, tutorial materials, audio/video files, methodology papers and presentations sample datasets, etc. It is an online reference resource for users who want to learn more about a particular social science research method.


I'm working on my own project website: can you help?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer a general advice service on web resource development, but we have developed extensive guidance materials, aimed particularly at ESRC award holders, and these can all be freely downloaded or accessed from our website.


What is the 'ReStoration' process?

In the past, the ReStoration process entailed preparing (fixing, updating, editing) web pages and physically relocating the actual content of the web resource into the ReStore repository website. The process began after a web resource had been accepted in principle for inclusion into the ReStore repository. NCRM now works prospectively with online resource authors, guiding the development and creation of new materials.


Who created the materials in ReStore?

Most of our resource authors were investigators on ESRC-funded projects in the area of social science research methods. Previous ReStore awards had a specific remit to work with resource authors from the Research Methods Programme, National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) and Researcher Development Initiative. Project teams included co-investigators, research fellows and assistants, IT staff and external consultants who together produce the content and technical infrastructure to assemble research methods resources on the web.


For how long is a web resource maintained?

The resources in the original ReStore repository were initially taken on with the expectation that they would continue to be hosted and maintained for at least three years. Subject to ongoing review of usage and content, we have continued to ensure that materials remain available to the research community.


Is ReStore part of NCRM?

Yes, it is. From 2007-2014, ReStore was separately funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), and led by a subset of the NCRM team. It is now wholly managed by NCRM and operates as part of NCRM's remit to provide online resources which promote training and capacity building in social science research methods.


Want to get in touch about your web resource?

If you are interested to find out more about the ReStore repository, or you have feedback on the materials in our collection, please either mail us at or call us on 023 80 59 7473.