About the ReStore Project

ESRC invests heavily in research methods projects which create, as part of their activities, online training and resource materials, often with considerable interactive or reference-value content. Typically, the development of an on-line resource is time-consuming and expensive and the full value of the resource only comes into play close to the point at which funding ends.


User awareness of these resources often grows following completion of the initial award, while the value of the resource will often deteriorate, seriously limiting the returns on the initial investment by ESRC . Where no continuation funding is in place, resources frequently become unserviceable, either because the content details become outdated or because sites cease to function properly for a wide range of technical reasons, even though their core content remains valuable to researchers.


The consequences are that valuable materials are lost to the researchers. To response to the above challenge, the ReStore team step in to ensure long term availability of such resources so that the researchers of tomorrow could benefit out of today's valuable research. Concomitantly we the ReStore team increase the return on initial investment committed by ESRC


Rationale for ReStore

To address the challenges described above, ESRC initially funded the project back in 2007 titled "sustaining online resources" with the aims to preserve, sustain and actively maintain selected research methods resources beyond their funding periods. The project secured another round of funding award from ESRC which runs from 2010 to 2013 titled "Restore- promoting sustainable research methods resources" which would further broaden the initial aim of the project and ensure long-term availability of further online research methods resources.


ReStore Repository

ReStore is a sustainable repository of online research methods resources which preserves, sustains and actively maintains web resources developed as part of ESRC funding focused on research methods in the social sciences. These online resources not only provide a valuable personal development resource for researchers unable to participate in face-to-face training, but also provide an important repository of social science knowledge. The repository is accessible via URL https://www.restore.ac.uk.

We have restored a number of online methods resources into the ReStore repository and these are updated regularly in collaboration with the original web resource authors.


ReStore and NCRM

ReStore is working under the umbrella of National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM), which is a network of research groups, each conducting research and training in social science research methods. The ReStore award is held by a subset of the NCRM hub team, led by NCRM co-director David Martin.


Want to get in touch about your web resource?

If you are working on a project funded by ESRC and think the ReStore team may be able to help, please either mail us at info@restore.ac.uk or call us on 023 80 59 7473.