What is the ReStore repository all about?

ReStore was conceived as a sustainable repository of online research methods resources to preserve, sustain and actively maintain web resources developed as part of ESRC funding focused on research methods in the social sciences. These online resources not only provide a valuable personal development resource for researchers unable to participate in face-to-face training, but also provide an important repository of social science knowledge. The repository is accessible via URL: https://www.restore.ac.uk.


We have restored a number of online methods resources into the ReStore repository and where possible these have been updated in collaboration with the original web resource authors.


Will it be available online forever?

No. To date, ReStore has been funded in two phases from 2007 until 2013 and has been maintained by the National Centre for Research Methods since 2014. The work already done has ensured nearly a decade of continued availability for most of the resources currently hosted.


Want to get in touch?

If you have questions about the ReStore project, you can email us at info@restore.ac.uk.