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20 July, 2010

Kirstine Hansen, Denise Hawkes and Heather Joshi’s research findings

To view Kirstine Hansen, Denise Hawkes and Heather Joshi’s research findings entitled “The Timing of Motherhood, Mother’s Employment and Child Outcomes” please click the link below

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Antonia Simon’s research findings

To view Antonia Simon’s research findings entitled “Exploring the movement of people from different ethnic groups into and out of wards with high or low density of their own ethnic group” please click the link below

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Michelle Jackson’s research findings

To view Michelle Jackson’s  research findings entitled “Investigating Inequalities in Educational Attainment” please click the link below

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Jason Dykes and Robert Radburn’s research findings

To view Jason Dykes and Robert Radburn’s  research findings entitled “vizLib: Developing Capacity for Exploratory Analysis in Local Government - Visualization of Library Usage” please click the link below.

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19 July, 2010

Presentations in UPTAP sessions at the ESRC Research Methods Festival at St Catherine’s College Oxford, on 6 July 2010

The following presentations were given in Session 10 on Research Methods for Understanding Ethnic Population Trends and Processes:

Measuring ethnic group population change for small areas using census microdata and demographic population estimates - Nissa Finney, University of Manchester

Using the 2001 Census to measure the migration of ethnic groups in relation to concentration - John Stillwell, University of Leeds

Examining geographical effects on the formation and migration of mixed-ethnic unions using longitudinal data - Zhiqiang Feng, Paul Boyle, Maarten van Ham and Gillian Raab, University of St Andrews

Using the Health Survey for England to examine ethnic differences in obesity, diet and physical activity - Vanessa Higgins and Angela Dale, University of Manchester

Alternative ways of measuring neighbourhood ethnic density, including objective and perceived measures and their relationship to health - Mai Stafford and Laia Becares, University College London and James Nazroo, University of Manchester

Investigating neighbourhood disorder and ethnic heterogeneity using the British Crime Survey - Liz Twigg and Joanna Taylor, University of Portsmouth and John Mohan, University of Southampton

Methodological and analytical issues in using the British Crime Survey to model the impact of respondent ethnicity - Paula Kautt, University College London

The following presentations were given in Session 20 on Research Methods for Population Projection, organised in conjunction with the Centre for Population Change (CPC)

Estimating fertility by ethnic group and other subpopulations - Sylvie Dubuc, University of Oxford

The future ethnic mix of UK local populations, 2007 to 2057- Phil Rees, Pia Wohland, Paul Norman and Peter Boden, University of Leeds

Alternative futures for the UK’s local ethnic populations: sensitivity and scenario analyses - Pia Wohland, Phil Rees, Paul Norman and Peter Boden, University of Leeds

Bayesian forecasting and issues of uncertainty - Jakub Bijak, University of Southampton

Dynamic multistate population models - Peter Smith

Modelling the age patterns of demographic events - Guy Abel

New ethnic population projections make the headlines

The projections of ethnic population by local authority area were released this week with coverage in the media;


The details are contained in Wohland, P., Rees, P., Norman, P., Boden, P. and Jasinska, M. (2010) Ethnic Population Projections for the UK and local areas, 2001-2051, Working Paper 10/2, School of Geography, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT.

Second and third volumes of the UPTAP book series now available

Edited by John Stillwell, Paul Norman, Claudia Thomas and Paula Surridge, Volume 2 contains chapters reporting the results of further projects from UPTAP Round 1 funding.  The book is entitled  ‘Spatial and social Disparities’ to reflect the contents that cover many forms of demographic inequality.  Volume 3, edited by John Stillwell and Maarten van Ham, is a collection of chapters on ‘Ethnicity and Integration’

View details of Volume 2 on the Springer web site

View details of Volume 3 on the Springer web site