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29 April, 2009

Presentations at the UPTAP Workshop, 23rd-25th March 2009, University of Leeds

The following presentations were given at the Understanding Population Trends and Processes workshop held at the University of Leeds between the 23rd and 25th March 2009.

Monday 23rd March 2009

Motherhood and child outcomes - Kirstine Hansen, Heather Joshi and Denise Hawkes

Decomposition of changes in disability-free life expectancy by cause - Domenica Rasulo

Social and political trust: a longitudinal and comparative perspective - Nick Allum and Patrick Sturgis

Exploring geographies of happiness and well-being - Dimitris Ballas

Tuesday 24th March

Understanding the importance of work histories in determining old age poverty - Malcolm Nicholls and Karen Glaser

Using administritive data to estimate population and measure deprivation - Gillian Harper and Richard Verrall

Demographic indicators of cultural consumption (Stage II) - Orian Brook, Paul Boyle and Robin Flowerdew

Developing capacity for exploratory analysis in local government - Robert Radburn and Jason Dykes

Patterns, predictors and implications of multi-morbidity - Sarah Salway and Joanne Coy

Population, language, ethnicity and socio-economic aspects of education - Michelle von Ahn and Ruth Lupton

Estimating segregation and diversity of ethnic groups over time - Albert Sabater

Internal migration of Britain’s ethnic groups - John Stillwell and Serena Hussain

Exploring the movement of people from different ethnic groups - Antonia Simon

Black Africans in Britain: integration or segregation? - Lavinia Mitton and Peter Aspinall

Understanding the labour market impact of immigration in Britain - Marina Shapira

Demographic characteristics and projections of ethnic minority groups - Sylvie Dubuc and David Coleman

Ethnic variation in criminological experiences - Paula Kautt

Wednesday 25th March 2009

What happens when international migrants settle? - Phil Rees, Paul Norman, Peter Boden and Pia Wohland

Neighbourhood and the creation, stability and success of mixed-ethnic unions - Zhiqiang Feng, Paul Boyle, Maarten van Ham and Gillian Raab

Exploring the Goodhart thesis at the local scale - Liz Twigg, Joanna Taylor and John Mohan

Ethnic group population change and integration - Nissa Finney

Ethnic differences in diet, physical activity and obesity - Vanessa Higgins and Angela Dale

Racial discrimination and health - Mai Stafford, James Nazroo and Laia Becares