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23 February, 2009

Presentations by UPTAP researchers at the UPTAP/GROS/Scottish Govt workshop on 12th February

The following presentations were made at the UPTAP/GROS/Scottish Govt workshop which took place on 12th February2009

Modelling of the socio-economic and geographical determinants of subjective happiness and well-being‘ by Dimitris Ballas (PDF, 385kb)

‘What happens when international migrants settle? Ethnic group population trends and projections for UK local areas’ by Peter Boden, Phil Rees, Pia Wohland and Paul Norman (PDF, 423kb)

Making Use of Local Administrative Data For Population Estimates And Service Planning by Gillian Harper (PDF, 1mb)

Understanding Population Trends and Processes (UPTAP): The Programme and its Projects by John Stillwell (PDF, 1mb)

Does ethnic diversity erode trust?: Putnam’s ‘hunkering-down’ thesis reconsidered by Patrick Sturgis, Ian Brunton-Smith, Sanna Read & Nick Allum (PDF, 153kb)

Working characteristics and cardiovascular disease risk. What are the relationships? by Claudia Thomas (PDF, 190kb)