News & Outputs

29 September, 2008

BURISA/UPTAP Workshop at City Hall

A successful workshop was held at City Hall in London on Friday 26th September to which UPTAP researchers made a strong contribution. Click on the links below to access their presentations:

A Sabater on Residential Ethnic Segregation for age cohorts in England and Wales, 1991 to 2001

Marina Shapira on Spatial Concentrations of Immigrants and their Impact on Employment opportunities in the UK labour Market

Laia BĂ©cares, James Nazroo & Mai Stafford on The effect of ethnic density on health

Sylvie Dubuc on Estimating fertility by ethnic groups

John Stillwell on internal migration by a London ward-level study

25 September, 2008

New Working Papers Now Available

Researchers at the University of Leeds have produced a new series of working papers on ethnic mortality estimates and ethnic migration. They are available at

22 September, 2008

APS/LFS User Meeting

The next APS/LFS user meeting organised by Gill Meadows on behalf of ESDS Government will be held on Tuesday 2 December at the Royal Statistical Society.

10 September, 2008

Happiness Mapped

Research led by Dr Dimitris Ballas into levels of well being across Britain was presented at the annual conference of the Royal Geographical Society & the Institute of British Geographers. The story was picked up by the BBC World Service Environment reporter and also made the Independent. Find out more by clicking on the following links

BBC News website:

The Independent website: