News & Outputs

16 April, 2008

Daniel Guinea-Martin and Jane Elliot’s Research Findings

To view Daniel Guinea-Martin and Jane Elliot’s research findings entitled ‘Trends in occupational segregation by gender in England and Wales: Longitudinal evidence’ please click on the link below.

Daniel Guinea-Martin and Jane Elliot’s Research Findings

Peteke Feijten and Paul Boyle’s Research Findings

To view Peteke Feijten and Paul Boyle’s research findings entitled ‘Does stepparenting influence mental health?’ please click on the link below.

Peteke Feijten and Paul Boyle’s Research Findings

12 April, 2008

UPTAP Advisory Committee Meeting

The UPTAP Advisory Committee met on 18th March at the University of Leeds. To view the minutes please click on the following link- UPTAP Advisory Committee Meeting, March 2008. The date of the next meeting is 25th November 2008.

11 April, 2008

UPTAP Annual Workshop 18th-19th March 2008, University of Leeds

The successful event included presentations from new and completing UPTAP projects and from guest speakers. Over 50 UPTAP researchers, committee members and guests attended this two day workshop. We would like to express our thanks to all of those involved.

Phil Rees on behalf of the Coordinator welcomed delegates to the Workshop.

Welcome Presentation

Session 1, 18th March - Deprivation, Health, and Trust - Research Findings - Chaired by Phil Rees.

Paul Norman’s presentation - ‘The micro-geography of UK demographic change 1991-2001′

Gopalakrishnan Netuveli’s presentation - ‘Employment status and health trajectories’

Patrick Sturgis, Nick Allum and Sanna Read’s presentation - ‘Social and political trust: Research findings’

Session 2, 18th March - User Fellowship Research Findings - Chaired by Paul Norman.

Les Mayhew’s presentation (Given on behalf of Domenica Rasulo and Ben Rickayzen) - ‘Decomposition of changes in disease life expectancy: England 1991- 2005′

Daniel Guinea Martin’s presentation - Using the ONS Longitudinal Study and the 1958 British Birth Cohort Study to research occupational sex segregation in the 1990s

Orian Brook and Paul Boyle’s presentation - ‘Demographic indicators of cultural consumption

Session 3, 18th March - Presentations from guest speakers on UKLHS and Timescapes - Chaired by Paul Boyle

Alita Nandi’s presentation - ‘UK Longitudinal Household Study (UKLHS): Progress and plans’

Bren Neale’s presentation - ‘Timescapes: Tracking our lives and times’

Session 4, 18th March - Living Arrangements and Health - Research Findings - Chaired by Elspeth Graham

Ernestina Coast’s presentation - ‘Currently cohabiting: relationship attitudes, intentions and behaviour’

Alison Smith’s presentation - ‘Intergenerational contributions to childcare: Potential policy responses’

Paul Boyle, Peteke Feijten, Zhiqiang Feng and Elspeth Graham’s presentation - ‘Does step-parenting influence mental health?’

Claudia Thomas’ presentation - ‘How does employment affect cardiovascular risk? A life-course approach in the 1958 cohort’

Oliver Duke-Williams’ presentation - ‘Links between internal migration, commuting and inter-household relationships’

Session 5, 19th March - Ethnic Neighbourhoods - New Projects - Chaired by Ludi Simpson

Albert Sabater - ‘Estimating segregation and diversity of ethnic groups over time in England and Wales, 1991-2001′

Zhiqiang Feng, Paul Boyle, Maarten van Ham’s presentation - ‘Neighbourhoods and the creation, stability and success of mixed ethnic unions’

Lavinia Mitton and Peter Aspinall’s presentation - ”Black Africans’ in Britain: integration or segregation’

Nissa Finney’s presentation - ‘Ethnic group population change and integration: a demographic approach to small area ethnic geographies’

Session 6, 19th March - Ethnic Migration Flows - New Projects- Chaired by Tony Champion

Serena Hussain’s presentation - ‘Migration of ethnic groups in Britain’

Antonia Simon’s presentation - ‘Exploring the movement of people from different ethnic groups into or out of wards with high or low density of their own ethnic group’

Denise Hawkes’ presentation - ‘Motherhood and child outcomes: the consequences of timing of motherhood and mothers’ employment on child outcomes’

Session 7, 19th March - Ethnic Identity - Research Findings - Chaired by Debbie Phillips

James Nazroo’s presentation - ‘Being a Muslim in Europe: attitudes and experiences’

Session 8, 19th March - Ethnicity, Health and Crime - New Projects - Chaired by Angela Dale

Vanessa Higgins and Angela Dale’s presentation - ‘Ethnic differences in diet, physical activity and obesity’

Mai Stafford, Laia Becares and James Nazroo’s presentation - ‘Racial discrimination and health: exploring the possible protective effects of ethnic identity’

Paula Kautt’s presentation - ‘Ethnic variation in criminological experiences: a single and multilevel statistical analysis of British Crime Survey data, 2001-2006′

Liz Twigg, Joanna Taylor and John Mohan’s presentation - ‘Exploring the Goodhart thesis at the local scale: neighbourhood social heterogeneity and perceptions of quality of life in the British Crime Survey’

Session 9, 19th March - Ethnic Group Population Projections - New Projects - Chaired by John Stillwell

Phil Rees, Paul Norman, and Pete Boden’s presentation - ‘What happens when international migrants settle. Ethnic group population trends and projections for UK local areas under alternative scenarios’

Dimitris Ballas was unable to attend unexpectedly- he very kindly sent his presentation for the website- ‘Simulating Geographies of Happiness’

John Stillwell - Final discussion and future activities