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19 December, 2007

Office for National Statistics and UPTAP Workshop, University of Southampton, 19th December 2007

UPTAP and The Office for National Statistics ran a joint workshop for policy makers and academic researchers.

To view the programme click here.

There were nine UPTAP researchers speaking at the workshop. Please click on the presentations to view them

John Stillwell, Welcome and Introduction to UPTAP

Sarah Smith, Does welfare reform affect fertility? Evidence from the UK

Roona Simpson, Delayed childbearing and childlessness in Britain

Denise Hawkes, Motherhood and child outcomes: the consequence of the timing of motherhood and mothers’ employment on child outcomes

Ernestina Coast, Currently cohabiting relationship attitudes, intentions and behaviour

Harriet Young, Living arrangements, health and well-being: A European perspective

Eric Kaufmann, God returns to Europe? The demographic revival of religion in Europe

Paul Norman, The micro-geography of demographic change, 1991-2001

Dan Vickers, The changing residential patterns of the UK, 1991-2001

14 December, 2007

Sheer Bliss is a Hug and a Kiss

Dimitris Ballas’ research entitled ‘Exploring Geographies of Happiness and Well-Being in Britain’ has been given coverage in The Sun newspaper.

Please go to The Sun website to read more.

11 December, 2007

UPTAP Research in ESRC Publications

A number of UPTAP research projects have been cited in the recent ESRC publications ‘Britain Today’ and ‘Britain in 2008′.

The publications are a mixture of academic opinion pieces alongside informed journalistic writing. They are described as being entertaining, accessible and informative. They are widely available in high street shops nationwide.

We are very pleased to see that UPTAP research is becoming increasingly accessible to the public.

To read more about these please go to the ESRC website.