UPTAP: A Secondary Data Analysis Initiative


The UPTAP programme finished in Autumn 2010. The UPTAP web resource was restored in ReStore repository and is currently being maintained by the ReStore team based in the University of Southampton.

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The primary aims of the UPTAP initiative are to:

  • build capacity in secondary data analysis;
  • promote the use of large-scale social science data sets, both qualitative and quantitative;
  • improve our understanding of demographic trends and processes which affect society and the population; and
  • collaborate and communicate with user groups and policy-making individuals and organisations.

The initiative is predominantly targeted at early or mid-career researchers wishing to enhance their skills, experience, knowledge and expertise in secondary data analysis.

Consequently, the principal objectives of the UPTAP initiative are to:

  • build capacity in secondary data analysis amongst new and mid-career researchers;
  • spread knowledge and use of secondary analysis through and beyond the social science community;
  • add value to the ESRC investments in the collection, preservation and promotion of large-scale national data sets by encouraging their use and exploitation; and
  • in the longer term, to maximize the knowledge gained about economic and social change from secondary data analysis.

The UPTAP initiative aims to complement the activities of the National Centre for Research Methods and its nodes around the country.