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The original project focused on the development of project management skills - particularly those required to collaborate on research projects with partners at institutional, national and international level in the social sciences. Skills needs of early career, mid-career and established career researchers were identified through interviews as they commence, progress and conclude work on a project. The resultant framework was offered as a model for developing institutional strategies for developing researchers' skills at a regional level. A sample of researchers at each stage was interviewed to identify skills needs. The framework arising was used to develop guidance for consideration and trial among partner institutions in the midland region. The researcher sample was followed up over the project to explore their development. They also acted as a reference group throughout the study.


The 'Managing Research Projects' Toolkit was produced by a Round 1 project funded through the Researcher Development Initiative. The toolkit includes a back of resources aimed at researchers at all careers stages and includes:

  • Techniques, guidelines, and 'top tips', with generic guidance and more specialist advice to help Social Science researchers to establish and maintain better collaborative working relations in small, medium and large-scale projects.
  • Techniques, guidelines and top tips drawn from the experience of social science research leaders.
  • A mix of generic and more specialist advice and guidance on building and developing collaborative teams.


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Learning to Think like an Expert Management Researcher  

This web resource contains learning materials aimed primarily at postgraduate and doctoral research students in the management field of the social sciences, who are interested in developing their ability to think and operate in the sophisticated, creative and efficient way that is characteristic of many expert management researchers. The materials are also likely to be useful for early-career academics who recognise the advantage of accelerating the further development of their expertise beyond the rate at which it may occur incidentally - as merely a side-effect of accumulating experience.


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International Social Research Methods Training  

The databank of International Social Research Methods Case Studies presented on this web resource has been developed and tested in a series of training workshops in international social research methods funded by the ESRC under its Researcher Development Initiative. The workshops were designed to meet the needs of early career researchers and research managers in all sectors (academia, local and central government, government agencies, voluntary and independent organisations) and from different cultures who are engaged in, embarking on or using social research with an international dimension.


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