Interpreting results from statistical modelling – a seminar for social scientists

Tuesday 29th April 2008


10.30 am – 4.00 pm


Room 227, Skempton Building,

Imperial College, Imperial College Road, South Kensington, London



The seminar is FREE (including a buffet lunch).

Places are limited to 25.


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1 day research seminar


This seminar is designed to provide a unique contemporary review of the ways in which coefficients and results from statistical models are used in social science research. Particular emphasis will be placed on interpreting coefficients from statistical models, with examples drawn from both standard regression models and more complex generalized linear mixed models.


Our Experience has shown that the results of statistical models can easily be misrepresented. In this seminar we demonstrate that the correct interpretation of results from statistical models often requires more detailed knowledge than is commonly appreciated and we illustrate some approaches to best practice in this area.


This seminar is primarily aimed at quantitative social researchers working with micro-social survey data.



1015-1045 Coffee / Registration
1045-1145 Principles of model construction and interpretation
(Dr Vernon Gayle, University of Stirling)
1145-1245 Key variables – social science measurement and functional form
(Dr Paul Lambert, University of Stirling)
1245-1345 Lunch
1345-1415 Concepts and measures in occupation-based social classifications
(Dr Paul Lambert, University of Stirling)
1415-1445 Presenting results from statistical models: Quasi-variance
(Dr Vernon Gayle, University of Stirling)
1445-1500 Coffee
1500-1530 Sample enumeration: Forecasting from statistical models
(Dr Vernon Gayle, University of Stirling)
1530-1600 Interpreting coefficients in latent class models
(Professor Brian Francis, Lancaster University)
1600 Close





This event is now fully booked. Enquires by email to vernon.gayle@stir.ac.uk .


This seminar is part of the activities of  ESRC National Centre for Research Methods – Lancaster Warwick Node http://www.maths.lancs.ac.uk/department/specialistGroups/esrcRegional





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