International Social Research Methods

List of Case Studies

  1. Improving Policy Responses and Outcomes to Socio-Economic Challenges: changing family structures, policy and practice (Iprosec)  [PDF]

    Author and Coordinator: Linda Hantrais, 2000-2003

  2. Young People from a Public Care Background: Pathways to Education in Europe (YiPPEE)    [PDF]

    Author and Coordinator: Claire Cameron, 2008-2011

  3. Gender, Parenthood and the Changing European Workplace: young adults negotiating the work–family boundary (TRANSITIONS)    [PDF]

    Author: Julia Brannen; Coordinator: Suzan Lewis, 2003-2006

  4. Harmonised Households: Ménage à Ménager (HHMM)     [PDF]

    Author: Alex Fanghanel; Coordinators: Ernestina Coast and Sara Randall, 2010-20012

  5. Curriculum Reform and the Management of Change in Chinese Middle Schools from an Applied International Perspective     [PDF]

    Author and Coordinator: Michael Wilson, 2010-2012

  6. Comparing the Impact of Children’s Participation on Policy Making in Wales and Tamil Nadu     [PDF]

    Author: Anne Crowley, 2008–2011

  7. Disability, Independence and Care (DIC): a cross-national study of cash-for-care in the UK and Norway     [PDF]

    Author: Karen Christensen, 2005–2006

  8. EU Kids Online II: Enhancing Knowledge Regarding European Children’s Use, Risk and Safety Online     [PDF]

    Author: Sonia Livingstone; Coordinators:Sonia Livingstone, Leslie Haddon Anke Görzig and Kjartan Ólafsson, 2009–2011