Harmonised Households: Ménages à Ménager (HHMM)

Author: Alex Fanghanel; Coordinators: Ernestina Coast and Sara Randall, 2010-20012
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Disciplines: anthropology, demography, development studies, human geography.
Topics / themes: socio-demographic processes (demographic trends, family structure, intergenerational relations and transfers).
Units of comparison: demographic units (households, age groups, families, generations); spatial units (countries, Burkino Faso, France, Senegal, Uganda, UK, rural areas, communities); administration (central, regional and local government, NGOs).
Concepts:socio-demographic processes (household, generation, family, caring; values (intergenerational solidarity).
Funding: national research agencies (Economic and Social Research Council, Agence Nationale de la Recherche).
Theoretical underpinnings: social constructionism.
Methodological approaches: comparative methods; mixed / combination methods; qualitative approaches (in-depth interviews, semi-structured interviews; quantitative approaches (secondary analysis); case studies; documentary searches (literature review).
Methodological issues: bias (interviewer), comparability, interpretation, measurement equivalence (conceptual), reflexivity, reliability, research cultures, representativeness, translation, reliability, validity.

Research context

Research topic / theme

Aims, objectives and research questions

Resources and governance

Management and coordination

Professional and ethical standards

Rationale for the research design

Rationale for the research methods

Conceptual issues

Data collection and analysis

Interpretation and dissemination of findings

Lessons learned