International Social Research Methods

Case Studies

This section of the website contains the case studies that have been written up in accordance with the Framework and have been peer reviewed before inclusion. The purpose of sharing these case studies is to encourage good methodological practice in conducting international social research, while also providing another forum for the dissemination of research. As the project continues, and as researchers access and use this site, the number of case studies is being expanded.


The Framework for International Social Research Methods Case Studies is designed to guide researchers through the process of writing up methods case studies for the databank.

Part 1 of the Framework provides a series of headings and a checklist of important questions relating to the issues raised at each stage of an international project.

Part 2 of the Framework offers a list of Key Search Terms for the use of researchers writing up their methods. Readers wanting to access the case studies or search the database can do so using the Search tab.

Submission of Case Studies

Proposals for international social research methods case studies can be submitted for inclusion in the databank at any time. Authors should follow the instructions provided for drafting and submitting their case studies