How do we ReStore web resources?

Following an initial contact by a resource author, the ReStore team will arrange to discuss the resource in more detail – often via a teleconference or site visit - to determine if the resource is suitable for ReStoration.


Assessment of the resource material

This first step enables the ReStore team to decide whether or not the resource materials are suitable for sending out to independent academic reviewers. Feedback from the reviewers and author inform the ReStoration process and allow us to determine the most appropriate next steps, which may be to update the entire web resource with the cooperation of the original resource author and their team.


The 'ReStoration' process

The ReStoration process entails preparing (fixing, updating, editing) web pages and physically relocating the actual content of the web resource into the ReStore repository website. The process begins after a web resource has been accepted in principle for inclusion into the ReStore repository.


Signing off deposition license agreement

In parallel with the updating work, the team also prepares a deposition license agreement which involves legal representatives of both the licensor (original resource creator and host) and licensee (University of Southampton) institutions. The deposition licence assures all parties that they have the appropriate rights to transfer and host the resource.


ReStoration of actual content

Once these steps are completed, the ReStore team collect the resource materials and prepare them for inclusion in the ReStore repository ( A redirection script is placed on the original site so that all users are redirected to the ReStored and maintained version of the resource.


Post ReStoration review

Following the restoration of the web resource, a regular review is carried out to find out broken links or outdated content. Broken links are fixed and other aspects updated or substituted with appropriate material. Wherever possible, we aim to work collaboratively with the original authors.


Want to get in touch about your web resource?

If you are working on a project funded by ESRC and think the ReStore team may be able to help, please either mail us at or call us on 023 80 59 7473.