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Trials in Public Policy

Training in pragmatic social interventions: problems, promises, and protocols

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Project Events:

Second Annual Conference, Randomised Controlled Trials in Social Science: The way forward

Following the success of the inaugural conference - RCTs in the Social Sciences: Challenges and prospects, we are pleased to announce the second annual conference addressing the theme RCTs in the social sciences: The way forward. The conference will be an opportunity for delegates to share expertise, interests, and concerns about conducting trials in all fields of public policy.

Please click here to receive further information and registration details


How can we use experimental designs in social science and public policy?

Held at the University of Birmingham, 18th July 2007.

A free career development opportunity for early-career researchers, research students, and others, over 50 delegates attended

The day consisted of a mixture of presentations by experts currently involved in randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in criminal justice, health promotion, education, and other areas of public policy, with workshops, discussions, and resources to take home.

Professor Stephen Gorard - Presentation: Why use an experimental design for public policy research? (click here for the powerpoint presentation slides)

Workshop: Fostering scepticism

Professor Laurence Moore - Presentation: Rigorous designs for mature interventions, planning complex interventions, and the MRC model. (click here for the powerpoint presentation slides)

Workshop: Analysing complex interventions

Dr Carole Torgerson – Presentation and workshop: Rigour of evaluation, examples of what can go wrong in trials. Participants were encouraged to evaluate past research. Discussion of possible solutions. (click here for the powerpoint presentation slides)

Professor Peter Tymms - Doing policy research, including an example of a mature intervention and real life problems of evaluating it using a RCT design, leading in to the problems that can arise in well-designed trials.

ADHD: Screening and Intervening  in Schools (click here for the powerpoint presentation slides)

Workshop topics include:

• Why use an experimental design for public policy research?

• How to plan a study

• How to analyse the results

• What to do when things go wrong

• Top tips to prevent things going wrong

Other Events:

Campbell Collaboration 2007 Colloquium Announcement

The 2007 Campbell Collaboration (C2) Colloquium (Quality, credibility, utility: The relevance of systematic reviews) will be held at the Hotel Russell in London on May 14 to 16.

To learn more about the C2 2007 Colloquium, please visit the C2 website at Click on the photo of the Houses of Parliament under "Spotlight Event!" Speaker information is available under Program Highlights. You can also use this facility to register for the Colloquium, and to reserve your hotel accommodations

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